any shop intuition codes ?

  1. I've been looking at a particular dress for awhile on this site but haven't seen around any codes lately...thought i might as well get something off the purchase, so if anyone has a discount code..i'd appericate it. :yes: :love:

  2. would love to know if there is one too!
  3. 25% discount with " luckymag"

    let me know if it works. just saw it in the newest issue.

    gregsgirl :heart:
  4. Just a heads up that it doesn't work on sale items.
  5. another heads up. this place has the worst customer service and if you are willing to wait a month for your item... then take the chance but if you're an impatient person like moi, this is a place you should definitely NOT order from.
  6. ^ wow, i'm sorry you've had the worst time with them but i've ordered from them twice so far...and haven't had any problems. Maybe your item wasn't in stock or something...i don't know..either way I've recieved my items in a reasonable amount of time and to say the was a good experience..good product and am willing to buy something again later tonight.

    edit ~ i'll try the code later tonight and see if it worked and i'll let you guys know.
    thank you Gregsgirl for the code by the way.

  7. I agree!!! I've ordered from them twice before and it took months before I heard from them. So I just canceled the orders.

    On some items it says allow 6-8 weeks but I would say that counts for ALL items.
  8. Hmmm, I see they have the new Paige Laurel Canyon petite jeans. I may have to get those! According to the website, they ship soon. Plus you can't beat 25% off. Oof, their shipping is pretty expensive: $14.50 for one pair of jeans.
  9. code works! their website says 5-7 days to ship, so i called to verify that they had it in stock and would ship right away... will post if all goes smooth or probs.