Any Shop Bop Codes?

  1. Does anyone have any codes? I am interested in an Anna Corrina bag!
  2. I was looking for one too, I found a Botkeir bag I had to have.
  3. They rarely have coupons. I would try activeendeavors for Anna Corinna - good selection. I think they have botkier as well.
  4. WAIT! I just went to Shopbop and they're having a sale! $20 off $100, $50 off $250, $100 off $500!!! Free shipping, no sales tax in California at least. This is incredible. Code GETGIFT, valid through the 27th. Go nuts!
  5. LOL LOL I did!!! LOL I bought a Botkier tall hobo and a AC duffel bag in brass. Weeeeee, I love codes. LOL
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