Any Shooting Star Birkin Collectors?

  1. Hi Everybody!

    I want to know your thoughts on Shooting Star Birkins. Extra sought after or stay away? Anyone out their an avid collector of them? I just bought a Birkin for a dealer over came's a shooting star and the dealer didn't tell me! I have no idea what to I happy? am I sad? Do I love it? Do I hate it? Do I keep it? Ah!! I work with the dealer a lot, I'm annoyed he sent me a Shooting Star Birkin without telling me, but I'm sure I could get my money back.


  2. I personally would never want one. I buy Hermes items not only to wear them, but also largely in part because I know they will be looked after by Hermes Services (SPA). Not having that "service" would make a Shooting Star item much less valuable to me, and I would likely pass on purchasing one even if it were the deal of the century.

    BTW, I would be particularly angry if someone sent/sold me a Shooting Star item without openly stating that the bag had this symbol. It just isn't full disclosure.
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  3. User, you cannot get that bag serviced at Hermes. Since that service contributes significantly to the overall value of a bag, in the opinion of many of us, I think it should have been disclosed.

    If you can live with a bag knowing you cannot have it refurbished or repaired if the need arises, and you otherwise love it, be happy!!! If these services are a consideration, then alas, perhaps it must go back...
  4. oooh, posted the same time as dear gazoo!!!
  5. Been there -- and I was very angry. :cursing: It's one thing if I make the decision to purchase the bag, knowing that I cannot have it serviced. It's totally another to deceive the buyer. I was new to Hermes ... and the seller knew it .... and should have been told. You should get your money back User 857857.....would teach the reseller/dealer a lesson.
  6. I agree the seller should have told you, so based on all the info you could make a decision. Is it your grail bag, what price did you pay for it? what leather is it (some leathers are pretty much care free), do you intend to keep it, or do you want to resale at some point? I would contact the seller and ask him/her why ?
  7. ^^i agree with everyone else!
  8. it would be nice to have one some day, as a bit of a novelty/collector's item -- however i certainly would not pay a premium for it. in fact, i'd want to pay less than for a comparable non-starred bag given the servicing limitations.
  9. user -- i also agree with everybody above.

    I am not certain if I would ever buy one of the higher end bag with a shooting star.

    BTW, other than Birkins, Kellys, what other bags have shooting stars?
  11. My thoughts exactly. you know, I haven't seen one for AGES....
  13. what is a shooting star birkin? :amuse:
    thank you
  14. i agree with everyone else, however, if it's one of those extremely hard to get, limited combo's and u absolutely love it, then i would keep it..

    However, if u want to keep it for its resale value and knowing u can take it to ths spa if need be, then i would return it
  15. is the dealer from eBay? if so you could definately leave feedback, perhaps they will refund your money first, you can always try but you have been on eBay a long time so you probably know your options. hope it gets fixed to your satisfaction. they should have told you, that's not right.