Any codes?

  1. Thanks!
  2. NOVSAVE for 10% off. It expires today 12/3 :smile:
    MCNOVSAVE for 15% off exp. 12/31
    MCSHOES for $40 off of $200 exp. 12/31

    (I haven't tried any of these btw)
  3. ^^ codes never work on uggs boooo
  4. Thank you! Worked great.
  5. I'm kind of late posting this but I always link to their site from the visa website. You get 20% off regular priced items when you pay with a visa card.
  6. Wow, thanks so much. Here's the link for those interested:
  7. do they ship overseas? i can't find anything about shipping overseas~ thanks
  8. regarding the visa card 20% off, do you see it in your order confirmation? because I am at the page where I'm about to submit my order and I still don't see any discounts.
  9. ally24k, did you get the visa 20% coupon to work? i didn't see the discount on my checkout page either...
  10. you might have to type in VISA into their discount box - that should take off 20% off of nonsale items.
  11. Would anyone like a code for 15% off, it expires on the 31st. I didn't see any restrictions listed in the e-mail, so it might work on Uggs.
  12. Quoted from their website:

    Do you ship to addresses outside the United States?
    Sorry, we ship only to United States addresses at this time. We do plan to offer shipping to other countries in the near future.
  13. AWESOME...I just got a pair of Adidas Jhana shoes...that saved me $14.00 thank you!! I've been looking all over for a good coupon - I couldn't find anything except 8% off until u gave me this little gem!! Awesome!!! :wlae::wlae: