Any Shelli Segal fb?????

  1. Looking at a few bags online and was curious if there were any words of wisdom on these cheap-ish priced beauts? Generally you get what you pay for... but could these be a freakish anomaly??! :confused1:
  2. I'll take this as a no??
  3. Your question is not clear..what exactly are you asking? Are you wanting to know about Shelli Segal bags? What is fb?
    If you are asking about Shelli Segal bags, I will tell you I absolutely think this brand is underrated; I have one of her bags and the leather and detailing is just wonderful...;no complaints..if you find one reasonably cheap, buy it. I don't think you would regret it...
  4. fb = Feedback... sorry that was unclear.
    That is exactly the info I was looking for - however the bag I had my eye on has already sold :sad: It just wasn't ment to be I suppose... though there is always next time!