Any Sharpei flap tote bag left anywhere?

  1. It's the tall flap tote bag that retails for about $2195. I've attached a picture. I hope there's one somewhere left in US!!
  2. Doubtful......I got one a WHILE back thru CHANEL..they r hard to get
  3. Oh I THINK I saw the Sharpei flap today at the Neiman Marcus in Atlanta. I definitely saw the wide tote (not the N/S) and the small flap bags. You might want to give them a ring to check?
  4. Yesterday, I saw it in pony brown at the Chanel boutique at 57th st, NYC.
  5. As far as I know this style (leather) was only avail at the Chanel Boutiques, and sadly is sold out.:sad:
  6. They had it at Neimans good luck
  7. the frame bag is still available on NM catalog quick order if you are interested.
  8. do you know what's code for it?
  9. f907 , 7A
  10. I think I saw one at Saks, Indianapolis. I believe it has the zipper, I'm not sure.
  11. Savannah, you are so helpful!! I just checked, it's still available. Thanks again!
  12. ^ you are welcome. Are you going to get it? I think it's gorgeous!
  13. I called NM early this afternoon. From the girl I talked to, it doesn't seem it's a flap. I also wish there will be other colors other than black too. I am going to hold off for now... thanks anyway!
  14. only CHANEL carried the flap version.... i know...thats how i got mine...!
  15. Hi Jill
    I think it was you that replied to my origanal message about the sqare lock brown
    classic bag.
    I cant find my posting ore replies. Perhaps I am doing something wrong being new.
    Can you help/
    Thanks Abi:crybaby: