Any SEPHORA codes out there?

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  1. Sephora discount codes anyone?
  2. I don't know of any discount codes right now. To be honest, they're pretty rare and they just had their F&F event so I think it might be awhile until they do another one. They do have free shipping on orders over $25 through 1/31. I've used it twice now and it worked fine. Enter FAVORITE1 at checkout.
  3. ^^^^^^^^^

    That's a good deal!
  4. From Self magazine.....It's not good for a couple more days but it's the only code I know of right now.....

    "Gift yourself a goofproof way to find a dream cream. Test a few by joining the Sephora Beauty Insider program. Starting January 6 members can get a mix of up to 13 free skin-care samples (while supplies last). Go to make any purchase then type GREATSKIN at checkout."
  5. go to type in and it will give you codes... this is good for any site you are looking for.
  6. Thanks!!! I just used this code with a gift card I got for Christmas.

    I tried the GREATSKIN one (I know it's only Jan 3) and it didn't work anyway. :p Worth a try!