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  1. Hi,

    Just seeking some input here from other sellers. I sold my Bottega Veneta Roma via a UK site Hardlyeverworn it (for those that don't know, similar to Vestiare/Videdressing). It was accurately described, well photographed and sold with authenticity card/dustbag etc.

    I sold it to someone who purchased without making any contact/asking any questions.

    I have just heard back and she is asking I take it back because it feels more 'vintage' than she wanted. Three weeks after she received it. (It's a 2008 bag, and the date code on the label was clearly shown on my listing). The terms of Hardlyeverworn it are that purchasers have seven days to return an item. She is saying it's because she's been away, but then why buy a high value bag just before a trip? Unless you were going to take it with you perhaps?

    Part of me feels I should accept the return, because I'm new selling on the site and want to be reasonable and a good seller. (I wouldn't hesitate if she'd come back to me in the 7 day timeframe) But part of me feels that she's possibly used the bag - effectively had it on loan for free for 3 weeks, that the onus was on her to ask questions before, notify me in seven days (email is possible from abroad, after all), and of course, I've lost 3 weeks of potential sales time on my item. I can ask Hardlyeverwornit to release payment as by their own terms, they have to and I'm not obliged to take the bag back.

    I'd just like some input from other sellers on what I should do, as I'm torn right now. Thanks in advance!
  2. There are many "buyers" who will "rent" your item & then come up with
    an excuse that is not fair. This is what it sounds like to me. The option
    was to ask ?'s before the purchase not after & to use the word "vintage".???
    The bag was from 2008 the buyer knew that when the purchase was made,
    this is on her, IYKWIM

    Truthfully, I would not take this bag back & as long as Hardlyeverwornit will
    release your funds & you are not obliged to take the return
    I'd get my money.

    This buyer needs a lesson & perhaps a costly one for her, but nonetheless
    a lesson.
  3. Every time a buyer comes out of the blue and buys an expensive item with no questions asked - this seems to happen. They come up with a plethora of excuses as to why the item was "not as described" when their intention was to use it once and return it.

    I have thought myself about some sort of procedure that I could follow when I suspect the buyer is buying to return- like a nice followup email after the sale "hello- thank you for buying this beautiful item, are there any questions you would like answered before I send it, because these are all final sale..." - etc.
  4. Michelle, that's a really good idea! I'll definitely do that in future.

    I'm concerned that not taking it back will damage my five star rating on the site, but I'm also pretty mad that I feel I've been played. I'm always honest in my selling, ship same or next day, and it gets upsetting when other people don't behave with the same integrity. I get disappointed with human nature! :sad:
  5. Thanks Hotshot! It's reassuring to read that it's not just me who feels this stinks. I really appreciate the input.
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