Any Seattle tpf meet ups?

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  1. I would also join in for a meet up!
  2. Hello there, anyone interested in meeting up in LV Bellevue, then head to the new Nordstrom rack that opened today, then walk next to this new amazing Dote coffee bar or have din such as Fogo de Chao, etc. afterwards OR LV Seattle, then head to Mr. West cafe...Btw..good selection at nordy rack bellevue, scored valentino and burberry heels I am open and looking to meet genuine, respectful, and friendly people who likes to shop of and finer taste of food and coffee! Thanks, Crystal
  3. Reviving this thread. I am up for Bellevue/Seattle. I think it is easiest if we quote each other's message or PM when interested in setting something up so we are notified :smile: I didn't do that since it has been a year since the last post though.