Any Seattle tpf meet ups?

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  1. Well this is a very old thread BUT keys wake it up again! Anyone up for a meeting ? Maybe in dec?
  2. Bump!!!!
  3. I occasionally return to the purse forum and today was one of those days. I just now found this thread.

    Has anyone made any progress on a Seattle / Bellevue meet up?

    There is a spring trends event at the south center mall in Tukwila this weekend (Saturday). Will anyone be going to that?
  4. What's the event ?? I've been wondering about an eastside meetup! I'm in Kirkland!
  5. I am in Bellevue :smile:
  6. :smile:
  7. I'm in Bellingham ;)
  8. A meetup would be fun! I am in Bellevue, I live behind The Bravern.
  9. I was just there :smile:
  10. I have been gone for awhile from TPF but I am following back in love - I would be interested in meeting to. I live in Bothell:smile:
  11. Let's plan a meet up. Hmmm. Who else is in the area ?
  12. Did you all decide to pm, or are you still considering? I am getting my first LV from the Braven about Sept 9, but I work weekends, so would have to meet Mon-Thurs
  13. I'm down I live in Everett. I work in Seattle during the weekdays!
  14. Never heard anymore from anyone, so I'm guessing everyone pm'd and already met, or it didn't work out. I also am in No. Snohomish county, sorry I work weekends.
  15. Hey I'm here. Let's do a meetup Some louboutin shopping and Chanel and LV shopping :smile: