Any Seattle tpf meet ups?

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  1. I have not seen anything about Seattle or the Eastside/Bellevue area meetings or get togethers, are there any planned?
  2. I have wondered that as well! It would be interesting if there was!
  3. There have been some in Seattle in the past, it is normally posted in the Hermes forum. The last one I went to was over a year ago because I go to school in another state. I know the ladies here meet at a couple times a year (unfortunately I have not been able to attend) :crybaby:
  4. Anyone interested in one?
  5. I am.. I interested planning the date when the Bravern open up with all the shops on Sept 12, 2009..
  6. Is that the stores in Bellevue - I would like to plan one there as well!
  7. Yep exactly.. I can wait to see when they open up.. There be Hermes and Louis Vuitton.. I think the Louis Vuitton there will be bigger than the one in Downtown.. WHen I drove by the construction site where LV going to be, It's HUGE like 2 stories high.. Hopefully and maybe Miu Miu too.. Anyone up for the date?
  8. we could have one in bellingham, ha ha. i'm joking.
  9. I would love a meet up in for Sept, hopefully they open on time, rumors it may push to later in the year, either way, would be fun to meet for lunch....and shop Jimmy Choo and LV.
    I also thought of starting a Seattle bag exchange/trade club, do you think there would be any interest? I have many bags, have always thought if would be fun to meet and share, I trade with my Mom all the time, think of all the different bags we could wear if we exchanged and traded:biggrin:
  10. I dont think it will be delay since they are already advertising everywhere that it will be open up on september 12.. I'm putting myself on a banned so i cant save for that date.. I wonder if they will have exclusive gift or accessories at LV that day..
  11. BUMP for the thread!
    I'd love to get together to check out the new stores at the Bravern in Bellevue! :yes:
  12. Please note that using tPF to do such a thing is not permitted
  13. ok, i know this is a REALLY old thread. anybody interested in maybe a meetup at the bravern?
  14. Too bad I'm in Oregon :sad: