Any SCUBA divers out there?

  1. I'm going to get certified in July. I'm excited, but also a bit afraid...

    I guess it might have something to do with the fact that my husband sees sharks nearly every time he dives now!

    The idea of being 60 feet below the surface scares me. Does this fear go away with time - or are some people always a bit nervous when they dive?

    Also, where do you love to dive? I'd love to eventually go on dive trips around the world!
  2. Don't be afraid of the sharks. Unless you are agressive towards them or swim during dawn or dusk, they won't bother you. My husband has scuba dived lots with them and is a shark fan. You have a great chance of winning the lotto, being struck by lightening or being killed by falling airplane parts then being attacked by a shark.

    I haven't dive since being certified back in 94. I'm not a great swimmer so I find it alot calmer being 60 feet under then on the surface.:lol:

    I would love to dive in all the places my husband has. Top of that list is Palau. Right now with 2 girls under the age of 5 our roaming around the world diving is on hold.;)
  3. Hey there. DH and I just went diving for the first time on Little Cayman island. If you are interested, check it out. I heard it's one of the top 3 dive sites in the world. We have heard about Palau, the Great Barrier Reef, Belize, Maldives, Indonesia, etc being great places to dive. Good luck!
  4. If you get the chance, you must go diving at the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns, Australia. It's sooooo beautiful there!!!

    I'm not certified but I tried scuba diving twice there but with strings attached to my waist and being led hand in hand by a coach with a team of 10 people. :roflmfao:

    Good luck. I'm sure you'll do well! :flowers:
  5. i want to go scuba diving very badly, well actually i want to go shark diving but you need to be certified for that. I have made it a goal to go beore i graduate college! I find sharks so amazing, don't be afraid just don't provoke them! lol no swimming with sushi in your pockets! my friend went scuba driving in the great barrier reef in australia she said it was amazing. I have also heard there is some great diving by belize
  6. Yes the nervousness does go away with time but I would suggest diving in a more shallow area and practicing lots in a swimming pool before attempting any deeper/longer dives.

    I don't mean this in a bad way or as an insult to you in ANY way but I would not want a nervous person as my dive partner....just for safety reasons. If you had to think fast in order to save someone's life it's more likely that an already nervous person will freak out and not be able to think quickly in an emergency. This is why I say....practice practice practice!!

    As far as seeing sharks....I've seen them a bunch of times (you don't see them everytime) and to be honest they really could care less about you. They have a much worse reputation than they deserve!! It's also highly unlikely that a dive boat would take you diving in a place that's known for great white's or something.

    I've done a shark dive before and it really opened my eyes and made me realize that they aren't the horrible "man eaters" they are made out to be.

    In any case....whatever you do....just make sure you have fun!!! :biggrin:
  7. Another thing about being nervous, you use up your air alot faster. So be calm and enjoy the dive. Make sure you go diving with a partner and for newbies go with a group with dive masters.:smile:
  8. i would love to learn how to scuba dive....wait.. i guess i would have to learn how to swim first:shame: . i swear i get in the pool, try to float and sink to the bottom:shame: .
  9. doulosforhim,

    Don't worry I'm the same way!;) It makes diving alot easier. Yes, I would recommend swimming lessons. I had heard before taking the scuba lessons that you didn't have to be a good swimmer (because I'm not!). I almost drown doing the 4 min treading water. You have to be able to tread water and swim like 2 or 4 length of a swimming pool. I just barely pass the requirments.

  10. tread, i can't even tread for a minute:shame: . i really should take swimming lessons but feel i will be the oldest there:amazed:
  11. I got certified in Israel and then did my advanced on a live-aboard in Oz on the Great Barrier Reef. I have gone diving in the Maldives, Thailand, New Zealand, Fiji, the Cook Islands and a couple others. I hate wearing all the diving gear so I prefer to dive in the tropics where I can just wear my bikini and a BCd or a shortie.

    I am not a die-hard by any means but I do love it. It is an incredible experience. I do get a bit nervous because I don't do it often enough but once I am in the water, I am fine. There is so much to look at so you forget about everything else. I did see sharks in Oz. i also did a night dive. As to diving to 60 feet, you will not always be at that depth -- it just depends on where you go. I feel like a lot of my dives were at 12-15 meters.

    It is natural to be nervous but I promise you will love it!