Any Sales in Japan in September?

  1. Going to Tokyo in mid-September. Any bag sales? Would I be better off in Duty-free?
  2. I find retail in Japan much, much more expensive than in the US. Also, I didn't see one sale when I was there in March, but it may be different in September? To give you idea how expensive retail is: Marc Jacobs Quilted Venetia sells for around US$1200 here and it retails for Yen$24000 in Japan. It is roughly twice as expensive in Japan, so even if it goes on sale, it will most likely still be more pricey than the US.
  3. japan is an expensive place to buy bags. Only ever buy stuff there that's limited/exclusive to japan.

    You do get 5% tax back if you're a tourist

    I don't think there are sales in Sept, but there are always specials in the dept stores.