Any sale on Victoria's Secret or DSW?

  1. Any sale on Victoria's Secret or DSW???
  2. I wonder if they're going to have a supermodel tote again this year that you get for free if you buy anything $50 or more

  3. I'm pretty sure they are, I think I just saw a commercial for it! It was a model with a bag that had samples in it
  4. DSW: Now through December 24th - get a $10 rewards card with every $50 gift card purchase. Rewards cards redeemable Jan 14 - Feb 3.

    GC Can be purchased in store or online.
  5. got the email, but this year its $60 or more. went up $10 I guess
  6. $5 tote with any $25 Pink purchase at VS.[​IMG]

    Valid through Nov. 25. Offer code TRIP

    Didn't know if this was public or not.
  7. if u have a vs card they are sending out $10off cards for the holiday season.