Any Sale Items left?

  1. Just wondering if anyone has seen any sale items at their local stores. I am really looking for handbags and wallets. I know this is a shot in the dark, but I was hoping to score any last minutes deals. thanks
  2. There were 3-4 sales bags left at NM Newport Beach. Sorry I don't know their styles, since I am new to Chanel, so you may have to call store to find out style No and names. They were at 30% off.

    Here is NM's number:
    949-759-1900 [​IMG] 800-395-1036Ask for Vonne Nguyen, she was very helpful.
  3. There is a Ivory small Padded Envelope bag left at Saks in South Coast Plaza. It's on hold under Lani. My SA's name is John at 714-540-3233 x351. I think it's 30% off.
  4. Any cloudy bundles?
  5. Spotted a brown square tote at the Saks Chanel on 5th. It looked very vintage. Bergdorfs had a few large gray quilted bags in the corner. My friend called me this weekend and said she spotted a cute white quilted small bag (mini diamond stitch or expandable???) in Saks Chevy Chase for $1325. Other than that, I haven't seen anything. I guess you ladies got all the good stuff! :p
  6. this weekend, I saw a chinchila fur bag (feels amazing!!!) in NM chanel on sale and also the envelope bag. there were 2 other bags on sale but I didnt pay attention. You might want to call them for info.
  7. Which Neiman.....:heart:H

  8. My NM has a lot of sale bags left. There's a black and brown small Outdoor hobo, several black and brown doctors bags but it's smooth leather, not distressed. A jumbo ivory envelope bag, large black 8 knot tote along w/ a small brown 8 knot tote, naked flaps, a black chain handle bag with black ponyhair (don't know the name), 3 outdoor flaps (one black, 2 red). I think that's all I can remember at this time.
  9. I don't know what's left, but NM Charlotte had a ton of sale items last week. You could try there 704-442-7900 and ask for Natasha the Chanel specalist.

  10. Which Chanel? TIA!
  11. ^^^duh, sorry. NM in Scottsdale, AZ.

    Also if y'all can plz keep your eyes peeled...looking for the grey small 8 knot tote if anyone sees one..maybe even a small black envelope bag cuz I'm just feeling lucky. Ha!

  12. Aloutte, NM in MI has the grey small 8 knot tote. Ask for Lisa Hamlin:smile:
  13. :flowers:^^^thx for looking out for me! What are the chances that it's still there after second cut? I'm stalking this bag but want to wait for an additional % off since I've been going a little crazy lately. :shame:

    I left her a msg tonight. Do u know if she's willing to do a price adjustment for me if it winds up going on sale or do I need to know her really well? I haven't purchased anything from her as of yet. I'm wondering if I should just wait it out...yikes.
  14. lisa is so sweet i'm sure she'll do whatever she possibly can for you. good luck!

    (p.s. your baby is adorable and i just love your "location", hilarious)!
  15. last wk NM in sf still had a small 8knot & a brown outdoor hobo..