Any Saks shopping events coming up like ECG or double/triple points?

  1. It seems like it's been a while since they last had one.
  2. March 13th is the next EGC event.
  3. is the max on the ECG's per person? For instance if you bought $6000 worth of merchandise and it's on 2 separate receipts of $3000 each can you get $450 twice?
  4. Yes.
  5. thanks smoothoprter! so do they limit how many ECG's one person can get?
  6. Double points are Feb. 21-24 I believe. The Saks Beauty Event starts RIGHT after the points end (figures, lol). I'm not 100% sure on the EXACT dates the double points start, but I know it's the beginning of the "20's".
  7. My SA also told me that Double Points is on Feb. 21,22,23

  8. wow really egc that soon! great:smile:
  9. yes, jsut got my post card in the mail for double points. I think they only do egc's once a quarter!
  10. EGC is online right now!!!!:nuts:
  11. any free shipping codes?
  12. YES, today valentine's day but only online!
  13. does anyone know if you order something over the phone and have it shipped on march 13, if you still get the EGC? also, what does Saks usually charge for shipping and tax, do they charge tax for out of state (i know some stores don't)?


  14. Actually, the official answer is NO. They are supposed to limit it to one per customer. It depends on managment how strictly they enforce this rule. Also, some of the SAs will "get" around it for their special customers. So it is done, where you receive more than one, but you can't "insist" as a part of the promotion.

  15. Thanks! I've been wondering about that.