Any Saks off 5th coupons?

  1. Anybody have any? I heard you have to sign up at the store to get them.
  2. i signed up recently n got this code WELCOMZ9SRRG for 10% off. haven't used it yet. it's valid til 1 june 07.
  3. Is that for Saks or their off 5th outlet? I wanted a printable one for their Off 5th store.
  4. you have to sign up at the store and when they ask you, you have to give them your phone number. they use the phone number to track how often you've shopped with them and based on that, they send you coupons.
  5. they only offer those around peak shopping times.
  6. They haven't sent one of those yet. They recently sent an ad for buy one get one 50% off womens/mens shoes.
  7. I received a pack of 6 coupons today for 25% off a handbag, shoes, women's clothing, jewelry/watches, mens accessories, and men's clothing. for the 14-18th of March. I get them because I signed up at the outlet.:yes:
  8. oh right that's just for their online store.
  9. I haven't received any since the last one I posted. However, being unable to remember how I signed up to received their sale notifications, I called my local store. A young lady by the name of Nailah at 704 979-6000 said that I was welcome to post her name/number. She invited anyone who is interested in signing up to receive the Saks Off 5TH email newsletter, to call her and she would add your email to the store list. I would assume that you can do this at any of their locations, however given how tremendously nice she was to offer her help, this might be the easiest avenue to go about it.
  11. Gosia......there is no Saks Off 5th online store...or at least if there is, I haven't discovered it.
  12. If it's located in a Chelsea Premium Outlets center, you can get 25% off a single item- bear with me:

    1. go to Chelsea Premium Outlets
    2. click on "VIP Club" (center tab near top)
    3. sign up for said club
    4. Once you are signed up, enter the "VIP lounge" and there's a tab second to the right near the top labeled "Free VIP Coupon Book" (they also have printable coupons for direct store use but usually not for Saks)
    5. Click tab and print
    6. When you go shopping, find the outlet management office where you can trade the voucher for "VIP Coupon Book". Inside there should be a coupon for 25% off a single item at Off 5th (there's tons of other coupons inside for other stores as well)

    While it seems like a big hassle at first, you can print a limitless number of vouchers for VIP Books- and the Saks coupon is consistently there over time.
  13. Wow, that's a great tip! Very cool that you can use it over and over again, too, heh. I cannot wait til I can visit the outlets and use this! I've never been in an Off Saks outlets...are there usually good finds?
  14. I have a sheet of coupons..but it has no code for online.
  15. I usually see:
    -a lot of Kate Spade, Michael Kors, and Cole Haan
    -some Coach
    -sometimes Fendi and Marc Jacobs.