Any Saks Off 5th coupons for this weekend?

  1. I am heading over there today or tomorrow and want to be prepared. :graucho:

  2. I got one in the mail, or hopefully someone has the link to it.
  3. Woohoo thanks eeyore! :flowers:
  4. Any idea how often there is a 30% off coupon? thanks
  5. about two/three weeks ago, they have that 30% off of one single item.. i don't know how often it'll come up though.. but i guess it won't be soon..
  6. they have 20% off the whole store right now (well atleast to the one I went to) and they had lots of LAMB, Kooba, Prada, and Coach bags!! I didn't buy anything though....
  7. I went to the one in palm springs today. entire store is 20% off. no coupons needed.
  8. yep me tooo..went to Saks @ the block at coupon needed

    got me a pair of Cole Haan heels for $90!
  9. Awesome!! !Thanks~

  10. I am pretty sure they will be one for Valentines, I can feel it :nuts: