Any Saks free shipping code?

  1. I need one asap.
  2. (Bump)

    BTW, why is Saks shipping so excessive? Cannot believe $19 for a standard shipping, which by the way is super slow (well, at least to my address).
  3. Expiration unknown, but try HOLIDAY. It worked for me last night on a $300.00 purchase. Hope that helps.
  4. ^^I tried it but it said it is no longer valid.... :sad:
    I needed this to order my Burberry coat........ gave in and paid $26 (rush) to get it already, lol.
  5. ^ Wow, sorry you had to pay that much for shipping. Too bad they're not like Nordstrom with $5 shipping...
  6. I know :sad:
    If you have a Saks card, you get a free shipping. However, I am waiting to apply for a Saks card for until next Chanel purchase (10% off first day). My sister offered to give me her card but it's a hassle in case I have to make a return.