any SAKS free shipping code? plz

  1. hi anyone has free shipping code? thx~
  2. Freeship for over $150 spent. not positive if it expired though.
  3. doesnt work
  4. "SFATREAT" for $150+ orders. Just got it today.
  5. I got an email saying on shipping was free on their final cut-go to the website.:smile:
  6. I just got this one:
    Free Shipping on every order!

    expires this Sunday (July 15)

  7. i just used it. . Thanks for the code shoelover
  8. it is a bit late because there is not much left on website now:sad:, but anyway thank you'all!!:tup:
  9. Thank you very much for the free shipping code. You are a sweetie to share.