Any saks coupon codes right now??

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  1. Please, let me know...I'm dying to order and hate to pay shipping...
  2. No, there aren't any. I even called customer service and asked nicely and they weren't having any of it. I was so irritated I had to pay the $12 shopping and the tax yesterday for my order. LOL More reasons why I shop @ NM usually. hehe
  3. I have one but it's not for free shipping:



    *ONLY ONE PROMOTIONAL CODE MAY BE USED PER ORDER. Offer valid at through Monday, July 30, 2007 at 11:59pm (ET) or while supplies last. Please enter promotional code: MBMBAG at checkout. Purchase must contain $350 or more of Marc by Marc Jacobs women's apparel. This purchase excludes shipping, taxes, gift-wrap. Cannot be combined with any other offer. No adjustments to prior purchases. This offer is not transferable.
  4. i'm also looking for Saks free shipping code.. can't find it anywhere - probably there's none at the moment?
  5. Do they seem to have one free shipping code at some point each month or is it pointless for me to wait??
  6. free shipping code: SHOPJULY
  7. Preciousmoment - Thanks for the code.

  8. Has anyone ordered from the line and received the handbag? I did and I can't quite decide what I think of the purse.
  9. Want to order from Saks. Any free shipping codes yet for August?
  10. i received the free bag, i saw the same fabric but different style selling in NR for $129.99, original price was around $350. i didnt like it but cant complain cuz free.
  11. I ordered an LV form South Coast Ca. He said if I put it in my Saks charge they wave shipping. I did. They wave sales tax as well.
  12. Any free shipping codes for August?