any saks codes that apply to marked down merchandise? tia

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  1. thanks
  2. Hi,
    I have a one time use coupon for 10%. If you would like it let me know.
  3. tks so much for can apply to online purchases?
  4. How do you get these 10% off codes?
  5. Hi,
    yes you can use it for online purchases, sale on non sale items. Please check you private message, I send you the coupon there.
  6. Hi,
    Can I get that 10% off code? I would really appreciate it! :smile:
  7. Hi, could I get the code too. Thanks!
  8. you can get the codes when you register your email off the saks website. a few days after registering you will get a welcome email with the 10% code. the downside is that you can't get a code right away. :sad: and you must use a brand new email address that has never been registered before. i suggest setting up some new email accounts if you already registered. good luck!
  9. SUMMER for free ship over $150
  10. Thanks!
  11. If anyone has an extra 10% they'd want to PM me I'd greatly appreciate it

  12. me too! please pm me the code for 10% off.
  13. Hi,
    I have another 10% off code. Please Private me if you want it.
  14. I sent you a PM, thanks
  15. Please check PM. I send you the code.