Any SAKS Codes or Free Shipping?

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  1. Any discount codes? I see that the code for free shipping is RUSH4MOM, but I was hoping there was some kind of discount around... Thanks!
  2. I answered my own question. :p I just signed up for their Saks Email Updates and got a 10% discount code for my next purchase!
  3. how do you sign up for that?
  4. Thanks Jazz! you're the best!
  5. They won't let you combine two discount though. You have to choose either the 10% or the free shipping.
  6. First time buyer 10% off - WELCOM3C9GTZ
  7. what are the exclusions for the 10% off? i'd love to order some dior sunglasses but the taxes will kill me
  8. I don't think there are exclusions for the first 10% off, but like adoptastray said, you have to pay for shipping.