Any SAKS carry GST w/ silver hardware?

  1. I'm looking for black or tan. Please let me know if you see one. I wanna get it at the next EGC. TIA
  2. Saks in Chevy Chase, MD had them in black, tan, white and pink. Ask for Marilyn (that's who I use).

    Also, on that day, if they DON'T have it, she will find it for you, have it mailed to you PLUS with the gift card. And, if there is no Saks in your state, it will be tax free too! I've had to have her find something on the EGC day; no problem in getting my gift card when doing that. HTH.
  3. Thank you SO MUCH, Cjj!!! Ahhhh... I can't wait till EGC!!!