Any Sade fans on tPF?

  1. I love Sade's soulful voice she's one of a kind. From time to time I check her web site to see if she's performing. She hasn't performed a concert tour in years. Has anyone seen Sade in person? :smile::smile:

    Listening right now to "Kiss of Life.":jammin::jammin:
  2. I love her too. I did see her in concert years and years ago. She was so amazing in a beautiful sequence, gold, tight dress with bare feet. She was so elegant and her voice out of this world. Some guy tried to jump on stage and she freaked out a bit, with reason. I have waited for another album for years but have since given up...
  3. I :heart: Sade, but I haven't seen her perform in person.
  4. I've really only heard By Your Side, but I think it's a beautiful song.
  5. Umm.... Sade is amazing!!!
  6. She has the most beautiful soulful voice-she's truly one of a kind! :heart:
  7. ITA. If she went back on tour I doubt those tickets would be cheap, worth every penny but gold dust.
  8. I love her! Huge fan here!
  9. First...LOVE Sade!! Saw her in Concert many moons ago in Chicago. Sounds PERFECT live.

    Second..that is quite an interesting avatar!
  10. i love sade- i have all of her cds
  11. I love this song too. Her voice is so beautiful.
  12. Huge fan. I wish she's make more music!!!
  13. I love her too! She's amazing. :smile:
  14. I love Sade! My aunt and uncle had a string quartet (I guess it was a quintet bc played 2nd cello for it) play by your side at their wedding. It was the most romantic thing I've ever seen. Thank god my part was easy as i had a hard time making it through it.
  15. I love Sade!! I've seen her perform once in SF at the Civic and she was fantastic. This was many moons ago. My DH and I have all of her CDs as well as the last CD that came out just a few years ago. She has a wonderful voice!!! This sounds strange, but we always play her CDs when we're going to sleep - very soothing music!

    When I saw her in SF and I do remember seeing other concert goers very dressed up for the event. I even remember someone wearing a fur coat to the concert! (Yuck! - The fur coat, not the concert!!)