Any SA who is willing to ship internationally

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Do you know of any SA from Europe who is willing to ship internationally? Your help will be appreciated:ty:
  2. I wanna ask this question too as I am not from EU :sad:
  3. One of my favorite stores carries a good selection of men's & women's Ferragamo (Vara, Varina, sandals, etc) and will ship internationally.

    Here's the Ferragamo page - just call. They are honestly wonderful. :smile:
  4. thanks kristag0619! Do you know if that store has ferragamo sales/discounts/free shipping? I am after Varas and/or Varinas.. but they seem to only have the patent leopard varinas in stock at the moment..
  5. Bumping this, I would dearly love the order Varinas and Hair Accessories from a SA who will ship internationally.
  6. anyone tried calling the Italy store or EU stores?