Any S/S10 blacks that are not as black?

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  1. We have read and heard so many good things about S/S10 black being the most jet black, having the most wonderful leather etc. Anyone has them but is not as great as it claims?

    Is the batch of S/S10 blacks really that perfect?

    Please share! :biggrin:

    (Mods, please move this if I had posted in the wrong section. Thanks!)
  2. S/S 2010 was very nice indeed, but I must say all the Black 2010 F/W bags I have seen are STUNNING to say the least. Chewy, thick, distressed and super super saturated. Unbelieveable how gorgeous they are!

    If I wasnt so deeply in lust with my 07 SGH Black PT I would definitely be banging down my seller's door for one with RGGH or SGH!!! :nuts:
  3. Ditto with Susan... I love my 2010 Black RGGH!! :love: Dark black thick leather, chewy juicy!! .... it is just so wonderful and a beauty!!
  4. i must say that 2010 is my favourite balenciaga black: leather is just perfect and it is not thin as some from 2007 ,i personally prefer it since seems to don't have fading issues ( into green)
  5. Mine's starting to look a bit green on the edges under fluorescent lighting.
  6. ^^ Same here!

    I have a 2010 Black RGGH Work, and the leather on the body of the bag is jet black, super smooshy, and distressed. But, clearly a different leather was used for the piping on the edges, because the edges are now green. :sad:

    My guess is they used left over 2009 Black leather for the piping on the edges. I tried to avoid the 2009 Black because it seemed like it had a tendency to turn green, but I guess I just can't avoid it.

    Luckily, since it's not on the whole bag (just the edges), it isn't too noticeable.
  7. ^ I think it was just the 2007 bags that have turned green? I haven't heard of any green issues with 2009?!
  8. I feel every year, there will be hits and misses. I had a FW09 black City which I returned after one of the top corner panels turned green. My current black City, also from FW09, which I have for over a year now and it's my most-used bag, has faded a little but no green undertones (yet?)
  9. I have a SS 2009 black and it's perfect! Not deep black but black like 2005. IMO 2010 black is darker than 05 (I had an 05 black as well) but I did notice the green edges under some lighting with the 2010.

    2010 has wonderful leather but I do know a lot of 09 gals with black got great ones too. Mine is chewy thick and distressed with no signs of fading or green.
  10. It's obviously just luck of the draw then TBH?
    I have an 09 S/S that to my eyes seems really black (except in direct sunlight I suppose) and I'm certainly hoping it doesn't go green!
  11. Put LMB Color Enhance and then Shine Restore on the edges-the color enhance will lift the black dye in the leather and return it to the surface, and the shine restore will protect the corners from fading/wear :biggrin:
  12. My FW09 black got a tinge of green so I just polish it jet black now with Tarrago.
  13. My 07 black part time has greenish tones when you are in bright sunlight.:nuts:
    05 black city, 06 black city and 2010 black embossed lizard city are black /black

  14. Did some of the 07 Blacks fade to Green? I thought 2007 was such a good year for Bal leathers? :sad: How long does it take for them to turn green, like would they have turned by now?

    Thanks OP for allowing me to digress on your thread, now :back2topic:
  15. Here are some comparison pics I took of my 05 Black RH City, 10 Black RGGH PT and former 10 Black Town. I think that are all on the same level of blackness.