Any rumours of new Sophies yet?

  1. Has anyone heard if there is going to be a new Sophie release this summer? Azur maybe, or MC?

    (:love: Hoping for azur....)
  2. Azur would be cute, and if they come out with MC I'd be sooo mad that they weren't released just now so then my parents could've gotten me that instead of the Damier. I would consider taking a trip there just to get one...okay, well, maybe not *just* to get one, but there's an extra reason to go to Japan.

    No, I haven't heard anything yet. Maybe there'll be new info coming out for spring?
  3. white mc sophie :drool:
  4. please dont tell me its only available in japan and hawaii again. i'll be so mad. MC white sounds very interesting i want one
  5. I hope it's not only in Hawaii & Japan. Why is that anyway. It's so unfair to the rest of the world.
  6. Exclusive items for an exclusive market; Chanel has those all the time.
  7. when is it releasing in Japan?
  8. There isn't info on Azur/MC Sophies yet. OP was just asking if there are rumours of new Sophies.
  9. Black MC! :nuts:
  10. I haven't heard any info on new Sophies.

    But gosh, an MC Sophie would be 2DIE4! :drool:
  11. I agree, MC sophie would be to-die-for...if it comes out anywhere my wedding I will go to Japan for the honeymoon! :lol:
  12. I wonder if they'd actually do it in MC though since it would look so close to the Shirley.
  13. in price point terms i would think they wouldn't do an mc sophie (would have to be at least the price of a shirley), but hasn't LV discontinued the shirley?
  14. It would be awesome in MC!
  15. Not sure, I heard rumors about it before but I don't know. I wish they'd put out some kind of list where you can find out exactly which styles have been discontinued each year.