Any rules for multiples?

Nov 24, 2006
So, I was away for the summer and just picked up my SAS purchases (will do a reveal soon, as soon as I clean up my room). Today I was looking at the bags, particularly the boroughs I have, and it occurred to me that prior to this, all my multiples have different leathers or textures (retro glove, marobox, bar-striped or patchwork). After taking out my soft-borough in earth for a spin, I have to say I liked the style; it's possible to put bulkier things in the compartments, without feeling like it will distort the bag.

Long story short, I find myself now looking at the other colors of the soft borough-particularly the olive grey, and perhaps loganberry. However, I wasn't sure if the color will be too close to the earth, or if it'll just feel too much the same. For the Coach collectors, do you have any rules for multiples of the same styled bag, or does anything goes? :P Then the Rhyder 33 in light blue pebbled, and the red in suede have caught my eye-basically, how do you make such difficult decisions? :P Please chime in with any of your thoughts! Thanks so much :biggrin:


Luvs Leather
Mar 21, 2007
Imo, if a bag works, get multiples...

I have multiples of bags that work for me, heck, I even have multiples of a bag that don't (need to rehome those soon).
Jun 15, 2009
If it is love go for it. I have 4 carolines and I found two more.
I have one rule and that is price has to be right for ME!


Unintentional Trendsetter...
May 7, 2012
I think everyone is different on this topic. I used to never duplicate- ever! Then I bought two of the Daily Bags in two different colors because of their versatility and how well they pack. So I say if you love it, go for it.


May 10, 2010
I have multiples. If a style works, why not have more? For my Sophias, they are all different textures as well as colors, for Isabelle,Legacy duffles, Legacy drawstrings, and vintage styles they are just different colors. I have at least two vintage bags that are the exact same leather and color, but different styles. I might not be the best person to ask, since I need to downsize, but for me, it is more important to not repeat colors in the same size or functionality of a bag (so I might have more than one black bag, but one is small and dressy and the other is large and more of an everyday bag) than to get multiples of the same style.
Oct 27, 2013
if a style works for you, by all means by it in every texture, colour and size!
I have *cough* Sophias and thinking which will be next.

Suzanne B.

Oct 12, 2012
If you love it, and can afford it, buy it. I don't love a lot of styles, so when I find one I do love to use, I buy more than one.


Feb 24, 2014
I used to never get two bags that were even similar, until the borough. I now own 4 and love them all.
Nov 24, 2006
Thank you so much everyone :biggrin: I'm going to go for it!! There was the suede soft borough, which I considered, but it seems to lack structure more than the nappa-I like to have a bit of a structure, whenever possible. Still going to debate which colors I'm going to purchase, so my house won't be flooded with bags! :lol: You guys are the best!
Nov 24, 2006