Any ROYCE chocolate lovers out there?

  1. Anyone?

    I dunno whether Royce is available in the US or not, but I know it's avail in Singapore and HK, and of course, Japan, where it belongs.

    I am addicted to this chocolate! So far, the best chocolate I've ever taste!

    What makes the chocolate stands out is the buttery taste, how the chocolate just instantly melt in your mouth, yum! I'm actually typing as I eat the chocolate :p I'm having the Nama Chocolate Staff in White chocolate: Cherry Marnier.

    My other faves from the range is the chocolate wafer, and the Nama Chocolate Staff in Green Tea. The latter one is just DELICIOUS!

    Royce also has potato chips chocolate! Haven't taste that one yet though..

    Another lovely feature from Royce is their packaging! I'm totally in awe in how the present their products. When you buy a box of chocolate from them, it will be neatly wrapped in insulated packaging and a waterproof ice block.

    There's a website for them, but it's all in Japanese :confused1:
  2. OK! nooo FAIR!!! you described it perfectly.. hehehhe. I love patchi chocolate.. Here in UAE. Never had Royce, but i'll keep my eyes open.. *drool*
  3. Ach! Haven't taste Royce in years.......used to eat it frequently when i was in Taiwan.....:drool: pepole are really missing out here in US:p
  4. I LOVE Royce! I always get some when I'm in HK. I bring it home to family and friends and they love it too! I really love the champagne and the white chocolate truffle (I can't remember their exact name) - love the packaging and the little ice pack they put in:smile:

    I tried going on their website to see if they ship internationally but haha - everything was in Japanese!
  5. Oh, now you are making me so hungry for chocolate!
  6. Oh yay, there are others who know Royce too! I was beginning to worry when I saw no one replied, I forgot to check this thread again.

    Mischka, when you have the chance to go to either Japan, Singapore, HK, Taiwan, you must try Royce. You wont regret it, the buttery taste is just awesome!

    Hipnycmom, I know! Their website is all in Japanese, I couldnt understand a thing. But dont you agree about their perfect presentation?

    Actually, I have a box downstairs that I havent opened. My mom just got back from Singapore and bought me a package of the white chocolate. I will take pics so you guys can see their neat packaging.
  7. Yeah, I have to agree with you all that these chocolates are amazing. I had the pleasure of trying them in Japan, and was able to buy them back home in the US from and freaking love it! :biggrin:
  8. ^omg, thank you for the link! i wish they have chocolate wafers too :p
  9. Royce chocolate sounds amazing. juangonzalez, thanks for the website link. I'm always looking for interesting chocolate to send to friends on their birthday and Royce will be the gift this year.
  10. Love Royce chocolates too, especially their melt in your mouth ones.