Any Romance book readers here on tPF

  1. Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward. I read all 8 in a week LOL so good!
  2. is it paranormal? I usually don't read those...but if it's that good will give it a chance.
  3. Yeah its paranormal romance...vampires
  4. Belle I wish I read as quickly as you! I see your new books in the books you're reading thread and I go "wow Belle is really plowing through them quick!" I'm impressed is what I'm trying to say! :biggrin:
  5. lmao yeah if I really like the stories in a series I get hooked and read them fast. also the books are less than 300 pages so it's really not that much.
  6. Yeah, lately for some reason I haven't been able to read much...I have been watching lots of TV instead...hopefully this weekend I can make a dent in the books I have that need to be read...I even forget which books I have bought, there are so many on my kindle now!
  7. I know what you mean. Yep I have a lot too on my to read list :biggrin: I'll most likely be done with this series by the weekend as well
  8. Nice! I am just starting the IAD series. Hopefully, I can read 4 this weekend! But there's tennis to be watched too...:biggrin:
  9. I used to love Romantic novels mostly from Sandra Brown & Nicolas Sparks.
    Right now though I'm really into the thrillers.
  10. I go through phases. I read lots of romance but I also go through mystery and thriller phases and political thrillers. And I haven't read either of these authors.
  11. Linda Lael Miller has written both historical and contemporary western romances, I believe. Her latest Creed series is good (contemp).

    I've beem into more regular contemporaries lately and loved the new Susan Andersen Playing Dirty, finally the third book of a trilogy about 3 BFF's that the publisher didn't want to do, but readers just demanded Ava's story. It's about a plus-size heroine and is a great, quick read.
  12. Thank you boxermom! Will check these out...
  13. I like Bertrice Small historical romances although her last few books have been rather dissapointing
  14. For western based historical romance novels I recommend Jodi Thomas. She does great Texas based stories.

    Julie Quinn is good and has great sense of humor for English based romance. My all-time favorite Britain based storytelling is Lisa Kleypas...she almost never disappoints.
  15. ^Agree about Julia Quinn and Lisa Kleypas. They are consistently outstanding. Julia's books are fun as well as a good story and romance.

    I used to love Stephanie Laurens's books but the last one I read was about a year or two ago and I just had to slog through it, it was so disappointing. Haven't read one of hers since. Agree that Bertrice Small's writing has declined. Her early books are keepers, lately not so much.