Any Romance book readers here on tPF

  1. Ok, Tessa Dare

    Reading this book. Great read. Love her writing and she really make me want to read other books of hers. I'm going to finish out this series definitely!
  2. The ones I recommentded in the earlier pages of this thread,

    Texas Glory, etc, were great!

    western themed that is.
  3. After seeing all the raves her and on goodreads for Judith McNaught I downloaded her Westmoreland series from epubbud =) Never read her books before
  4. I'd be interested to see what you think. I read "Whitney, My Love" when I was far too young and it gave me nightmares. It definitely reads like a (brilliant, well written) romance novel written in the 90s, with a level of violence which I don't find comfortable.
  5. I'm biased. I LOVED Whitney My love and I love Judith McNaught.

    As I saw, you have to think of the historical time period these books are written in. The rape scene I don't condone, but as I said, the time it was written in, Women were considered property.

    It makes me think of the scene in Gone with the Wind when Rhett is drunk and he and Scarlett are arguing and grabs her and takes her up the stairs against her will (then the next morning she's seen gayly humming).

    There is nothing new about some of the writing ploys engaged in romance writing.
  6. Has anyone read Dakota Cassidy books? Are they any good?
  7. Nope, Haven't read.
  8. I love Judith's McNaught's "Perfect", "Once and Always", "Something Wonderful", and "Almost Heaven". Lisa Kleypas is my all time favorite romance writer though. I've read all of her books :smile:

    Susan E. Phillips is also great if you like contemporary romances.
  9. I did look into it and sounds like a young adult writer...I was hoping someone would enlighten me or tell me otherwise.
  10. From Judith McNaught, I really liked "Paradise." It's a contemporary romance, and the guy's less of a jerk (okay, well, he has a good reason for being a jerk for about half of the book in this one---whereas the other ones, he was unjustly being an a**hole to the protagonist). I also liked the fact that the protagonist in this one is an independent business woman who knows what she wants. There's too much wishy-washyness in most historical romance novels that I've read.
  11. Author of the Accidental Friends series? I've read some.
    She's good, in a light hearted and amusing way - her books are a slightly more superficial version of Mary Janice Davidson "Queen Betsey" books.
  12. Almost all of Judith McNaught's books are terrific. Whitney My Love is one of my favourite romances.
  13. My friend loved it as well and a majority of the reviews on goodreads are 4 to 5 stars so can't wait to get to that one.
  14. Yes I understand what you mean. I'm up to the part where the heroine has been captured after escaping so I already feel something bad coming soon. I hate rape scenes as well but it definitely was all about the time in this case 1400s. Women were definitely property and it was the man's "right" to do what he wanted to her. So far I'm liking it though she's a very strong character especially after being kidnapped and all.

    As for Gone with the Wind I just think Scarlett didn't mind the roughness LOL it was the make up sex of the time :graucho:

  15. Yeah I know what you mean so far the heroine in the first book has gotten a hard smack in the face...and a spanking :nogood: lol