Any Roberto Cavalli fans here

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  1. I have always loved Roberto Cavalli clothing because you always knew it was going to be something extra ordinary and with lots of flair. I love the way he can put things together and make them looks great.

    I am also love Pucci clothing too (when ever I can find them.) They can easy be accessorized with about any thing.
  2. I love both...Cavalli and Pucci. I just bought a gorgeous JustCavalli top at NM LastCall the other day. Do you have any photos of things you have??? I would love to see!
  3. To tell you the truth, I am kinda lazy about taking pictures. But I usually get around to it. Did you see any Pucci tops there? I know Pucci is kinda wild with colors but I love him anyway. LOL!! The last Roberto Cavalli I bought was a pair of sunglasses and a ruffle top.
  4. I saw some sunglasses for really cheap at a TJMAXX like store, original price was close to 400, but I didn't buy them.. I love to watch the cavalli fashion shows though.
  5. the safari print dresses are amazing. They were on sale at and the other sale sites a couple weeks ago. Hopefully they go back on sale soon. Not many stores I have found that carry Cavalli dresses
  6. I love, love, LOVE Pucci! I own probaby 200 Pucci dresses (been collecting them for years). I also love Cavalli but am more picky about which pieces I buy snce Cavalli is so overtly sexy and flashy sometimes too much so for me.
  7. :faint::faint: Now that is something I would love to see!!! 200 dresses!!! I have been searching for years for the perfect Pucci dress in my price range (whihc will mean it will be second-hand). It will come to me eventually though!!
  8. OMG I'm so jealous! lol

    I love Cavalli sunnies and dresses! :smile:

  9. You can sometimes find them half off at Bergdorf Goodman or 40% off on the neiman's website (although that's still a lot of money for a dress.) I can't help myself tho - Pucci dresses are the one thing I never hesitate to buy when I find a print that I love! Fortunately or unfortunately, I don't like any of the prints in this summers collection (so blah) but in previous years I'd usually find dresses in several different prints that I just have to have.
  10. I would love to see pictures if you feel like taking the time to show some of your favorites. I am extemely obsessed with Pucci, and have a small but loved collection of about 12 pieces. I cannot wait to find the perfect dress!
  11. i wore a JustCavalli dress to prom a few years back...i LOVED it! gorgeous and i loved the fit (except it could have been one size smaller, but they didnt have it and it would have taken weeks, which i didnt have, to get the smaller size) and here are some bad pics from way back when...


  12. ^^^I can't see the pics :sad:
  13. ok let's try this again....


  14. maybe this will work...

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  15. I love the dress. It is gorgeous!