Any RM lovers who also own Jenny Yuen or Botkier?

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  1. Hi, I was just wondering who the leather compare between these three brands. I know RM bags can be quite variable, from smooshy leather to stiffer glazed ones, but are the leathers from jenny yuen or botkier on the softer or stiffer side? Thanks, I'm looking to diversify my collection :graucho:
  2. Nope I have been looking at JY but I bougth a BE instead or atleast I ordered one!
  3. ooh, thats one I left off the list. I was curious about BE as well. When you get it please tell us how the leather is. I've been wondering how BE leather compares to RM.
  4. If you look on the board for BE everyone says it is thick and smooshy which I love!!!
  5. I have a couple of Botkiers, and a JY, and ummm more that a few RM's. The Botkier and RM's leather are very similiar and VERY nice. I've had a BE and the leather was only okay, but it was probably just because of the color I chose.
  6. I think it depends on the leather used for the bag. I have bags from BE, RM, Botkier and Jenny Yuen. Most of my Jenny Yuen bags use the smooshy leathers. My botkier sasha's are pretty much soft leather except that the pewter and snake, with the nature of the fabric it's not as smooth as my jean sasha. Most of my RM bags are smooshy except for my RM MA Elephant. That's a bit stiffer which I hope will soften up with time. As well as my matinees in cobalt blue and glazed espresso. Not as smooshy as my MAM's. With BE, the petrol leather feels a bit stiffer in the Stroke Me style, but smooshy with my Love Me. My Love Me Mini's in black crash and wine are a bit stiffer, but I assume it will sofen over time. My SM large mottled gold is smooshy, as well as my Love Me Dark Grey, nice and smooshy.
  7. JY completely! I think there are a number of people on the RM forum who like her bags, same streamlined classic style. I'm looking to get an esme or hitcock in gray, unfortunately, they dont make them in the sapphire :crybaby: Her orange bags are cute to, but not as pretty as the RM tangys, IMO. I contacted the major JY sellers though, no good deals to be found as far as I know, if you know of any, please clue us in! :graucho:
  8. I've owned Jenny Yuen, Botkier, and BE bags. All three brands offer great bags but none of them inspire the love that RM bags do for me. RM still remains the winning contender for me because of the incomparable combination of luxe leathers, vibrant colors, and clean classic lines and shape.
  9. I have three RMs and used to own a Botkier studded hobo which I let go because the leather seemed thin and fragile (which was evidenced by the condition in which it arrived on my doorstep even though it was sold as NWT). I haven't found another Botkier that I've wanted to buy since then.
  10. I have a Botkier Trigger from 05 and the leather is amazing. It's thick and smooshy. Over time it has gotten softer; it used to stand up on it's own, but now it tends to fall into itself if it is empty. My only complaint is that it is heavy, but I'm sure it's because there is a lot of leather on the bag (lots of folds and pockets). It was my first higher end bag, and remains one of my favorites. HTH!
  11. I have 2 botkiers. The leather is different on both however they are both very soft, and durable. I like RM bags more just cuz of style but botkiers are very well made bags too. I recommend the botkier bianca. Its a very soft buttery smooshy leather that u will love.
  12. Botkier Triggers are really soft (at least the ones that are not made of pebbled leather) but their bags like tend to be on the heavier side due to their hardware.
  13. Luna Boston sells JY, and with the "grechen" code you get 20% off. So the Esme was only $412. I bought that along with a violet RM matinee bag! :woohoo: I got great deals on both. I figure with LB's great return policy I can feel the JY in person and return it if I dont like it!
  14. The leather on my chocolate Bianca was incredibly soft! I've been looking at the JY and BE's too. They have some wonderful styles.

    MrsShoeGal, where did you order your BE from?
  15. I think leather varies regardless of brand. It's not consistent but all have various perks. Like I have tougher RM leather which is great to bang around and there are softer RM leathers although not too supple like LP. I have a JY and I'm sure the almond is softer then say the garnet. I have a BE and I'd say the chocolate would be softer than Black crash. Botkier is however mostly in the middle and soft I'd say.