any richmonders or virginians?

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  1. I have been saving for a while for my first new Louis
    Vuitton bag. I will probably be purchasing it at the Stoney Point store, but my question is what are the tax rates on Louis items. I'd like to be able to estimate accurately how much I need to acutally save up.
  2. Well I'm in Northern VA and the text is 5%.... and I believe that's also for all of VA(?). :biggrin:
  3. Hi!!! I live in Virginia beach and the Stony point LV store is closest to me so I always buy my bags there! I believe sales tax is 5% :smile:
  4. Ok thanks for some reason I was under the impression that there was a higher tax for items like that. Glad to hear otherwise!
  5. Ya I did start the other thread and was going to delete this one but couldn't figure out how too lol sorry bout that. This one wasn't getting any feedback so I figured a general title like sales tax would get more viewers.