Any revolve codes?

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  1. Does anyone know of any besides the JT 15% one?
  2. I haven't seen any lately. Besides the new customer 30% off...I hope they issue a new one or will match someones coupon soon!
  3. What is the new customer 30% off?
  4. ^If you are a new customer they give you 30% off your first purchases. There are some brands that are excluded though. Call into customer service after you place your order.
  5. i have this one, but i dont know if it still works. try it. who knows. its $30 off a $100 purchase. BETAPUWIQCYHXE
  6. That one expired, I just tried it...anyone have any others? I need a good one desperately :sweatdrop:
  7. Darn Revolve! LOL

    I could use a code, too :sweatdrop:
  8. besides the new customer discount, jt is it for now...they're really cutting back on codes...
  9. ^ thanks! Hey, 15% is better than nothing... I think we're just spoiled :blush:
  10. are there any "cashback" sites that Revolve uses?
  11. I'm soo happy I found this thread!! I was trying to decide between two Nanette Lepor items at Saks...and now I can get both at Revolve! I'm going to call customer service tomorrow to get my 30 percent.

  12. Speaking of the 30% off for new customers, I am wondering if old customers can still use it if they didn't take advantage of it on their first purchase at revolve?
  13. ^ heh, that's a good point. I know I never did.

    Would you mind researching and letting us know? Thanks! :flowers:

  14. I think so. I've been "saving" mine for a purchase that is larger and I know i won't return.. I'm pretty sure it would be fine with them - they can look it up in their system anyway to check if you have used the 30% previously!
  15. Unfortunately I tried this. It does not work, and they won't do it.