any REVOLVE codes?

  1. thanks!!
  2. I think they might still be price matching code "bigfallsale" for 30% off. You can call or email them to make sure.
  3. "lucky4" is working for 25% off!
    i found it buried in the back of the Nov Lucky mag.
  4. Nice detective skills, jandelvis! :tup:
  5. Just called revolveclothing and they priced matched this code for a special order I placed on 10/19. So I think they are still price matching the 30% off. Call or email to make sure.
  6. Last week, they told me they were matching that code. I forgot the coupon was for orders over $100, though, so I found out throught an email that I didn't get the discount. *grumble* Re-order.
  7. Sorry I forgot to mention that you have to spend $100 to get the discount. Sadly I never trouble spending over $100 there.:shame:
  8. What is the price matching code? How does it work? I am recently new here, appreciate your help.
  9. Thanks everyone, I knew that code-matching wouldn't work because I wanted a pair of Paige jeans, and that brand's on their exclusion list. I tried Lucky4 and it didn't work (also because it's on the exclusion list, because I tried a Foley dress and the code worked) but jt worked for 15% off. It's better than nothing, right?

    When you have all your stuff in your cart, call revolve and ask if they're matching shopepic's code. They'll honor it, but there are a ton of exclusions (basically everything good - seven, paige, citizens, botkier, kooba, hudson, true religion)
  10. check out They have great code listings!
  11. I saw this on Authenticforum:

    use REVOLVEINSTYLE for 20% until November 30th.
  12. darn! that one works for Paige AND would have saved me another $9 - should I try and get the adjustment?
  13. Not a problem, Chloes--I have noooo problems spending $100+ there either! I was just trying to be good!
  14. You should call them and ask them to price match a different code like one of the 20 or 25% off codes. I bet they will do it as long as it was fairly recently (ie not months ago).