Any reviews on the Rosalie Coin Purse?

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  1. #1 Mar 17, 2017
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2017
    Hi! To those who have the Rosalie Coin Purse for months or almost a year, do you have any issues on wear & tear? Such as the glazing or leather covered snap button?

    I am looking for a compact wallet from LV within the low price range. I already had the key cles but want a real compact wallet for bills, some cards and coins. I have a lot of slgs with zippers so I consider something different. So I crossed out the ZCP in my options which for me is kinda similar with the cles if use as compact wallet.

    Most YT reviews are unboxing and what can fit. Not so much on wear and tear.
  2. I've been wanting to get a Rosalie for about a year now and was just watching YT reviews on it today as last there there weren't too many videos on this wallet. One reviewers said that she puts clear nail polish over the leather snap button to preserve the color (hers was in monogram canvass and Rose Ballerine). I was meaning to do some research on this, but maybe something you want to look into as well?
  3. I also watched that YT vid. I think her name is Lala. I am not sure if LV would still provide after sales service if you put nail polish on the button.
  4. This is such a good thread! I'm also on the hunt on the perfect compact wallet and right now Rosalie is the winner. I've watched pretty much every youtube video on it and you're right - most are about first impressions and unboxings. I'd love to hear what everybody has to say about it!
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  5. I would like to know more about the wear and tear as well. It seems like the perfect compact wallet.
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  6. Hello! I have had my Rosalie in RB for almost a year. I have used it almost everyday since getting it. I actually gave it a rest for a week while I used my Sarah wallet. When I was putting it back into its dust bag, I scanned it over and seriously found nothing wrong with it! I do not store coins in there at all, I use my cles for coins, and keep about four cards inside. My glazing is still going strong, no cracks at all, and my button is still perfect. I would highly highly recommend this wallet!
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  7. Good to know that it is holding up well. Does the leather tab on zipper bothers you when using it?
  8. Had the RB gotten dirty in any way?
  9. I've only had my Rosalie for about a month so I cannot comment on long term wear and tear, but I can say from a functionality standpoint I absolutely love this little wallet.
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  10. What color is the interior of your Rosalie?
  11. I've been eyeing this too - it's so cute!
  12. It's rose ballerine, which I think just adds to how adorable it is.
  13. That one is really pretty! But my OCD would freak me out if I see some dirt. Lol
  14. A thread I can contribute to :biggrin:! I have the Rosalie Coin Purse in Rose Ballerine and I am currently using it and love it! I remember looking at it online and imagining it to be much smaller but in real life it's a little bigger than my palm and when I saw that it had Rose Ballerine interior... I immediately bought without intending to (actually went to Louis Vuitton for something else and left with more haha)! I've had it for a few months and been using it everyday since I purchased it and haven't noticed any wear or tear on the surface or glazing. I've transferred the coin purse in multiple different bags that I use for different occasions and it's works perfectly from daytime to nighttime wear! I only store a few coins and I haven't notice any dirt accumulating. I do notice the zipper for the coins has a piece of leather or canvas (not sure) and it can sometimes bend a little weird depending if you tuck it in or out... that's my only complaint. I tuck mine in to avoid any weird bending/fraying. I was also concerned of the Rose Ballerine to get dirty but I have already stored a bunch of different cards and cash and haven't came across any dirt marks which is a great sign :biggrin:! I believe it's quit durable and doesn't have to be terribly babied. Hope this helps and good luck!
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  15. No, the zipper doesn't bother me at all. You can have it hanging out or tuck it "inside" so that it doesn't hang out. Hope that makes sense. I personally make sure that it is tucked in as I don't like it sticking out and wouldn't want it to "fold".

    Nope, no dirt whatsoever! I'm actually quite impressed myself as I have used this in all my bags and it just basically rolls around because the wallet is so small. My bag that I usually use is my Speedy B25, so it's even been rolling around in the red interior.
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