Any reviews of this bag?

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  2. I like boxy bags, but I am not a fan of the chain straps. Love the color, though.
  3. Hello jburgh, good day!
    May I please know your more of your opinion on chain straps? I am quite interested and may be I will learn something new. I tried coach dinky chain and it is a bit heavy but I also tried bottega veneta and they feel light. But I am not a fan of brunito finish. I have a bottega bag with brunito finish but it is now fading after 6 years of extensive use. I like more of worn brass or worn metal hardware to hide scratches

    This is actually weird, my reply from another forum became a new thread? (I am quite new here )

    I know this bag will only come out next year so I believe I might not see any reviews of it soon
  4. That looks like a double chain? That drives me crazy. The disco bag single chain or Chanels with a single chain are all I can tolerate. The Disco bag chain is lighter in weight and Chanels have the leather woven through so they’re more comfortable.