any review on longines watch?

  1. can anyone please share pros and cons for longines watch?

  2. Longines is a reputable brand and is from the maker of Tag Heuer too, thats as far as I know. Well thats what the SA told me when I bought a longines 2 years ago. :tup:
  3. Longines is a mid-range luxury watch. I own an automatic Evidenza with black dial everyday. It is my favorite watch. It runs quite accurate for an automatic and looks elegant as well.

    Longines is actually part of the Swatch group which is maker of the Omega and the somewhat newly acquired Breguet high-end luxury watch manufactures. What makes Breguet and Omega high-end and Longines mid-range is that the former create everything in house and do not use undecorated/unmodified generic movements. However Longines has a reputable past and currently has a nice line of watches. The movements are ETA which are dependable and the base of many Omegas as well. (Tag Heuer is also a mid-range luxury watch brand, however they are part of the large LVMH group not the Swatch group--so no relation to Longines).

    Which particular model are you considering?

  4. Oh....I think the SA said its part of the omega group LOL Pardon me. Thanks for correcting me :graucho:
  5. D,
    thanks for the info.
    I dont know what I want to buy yet. I am actually considering buying this for my younger cousin for her graduation. I think it is a good watch for someone her age. And it is also reasonably priced.

    Do you know of any others that are also mid-range?
  6. Well, there are lot of different options in that price range (around $2000). So it depends if you are looking for interesting designs (classic, sporty, diamonds etc) and/or mechanism (quartz or automatic movement).

    I like a combo of both design (sans diamonds gasp!) and an automatic movement but something that is reasonably priced thus I really enjoy the Evidenza. You can look at Concord, Baume et Mercier, Oris, Omega as well. There are actually many options to choose from so it depends really on what you are looking for. I know my next watch will be a Limes (German) because they have nice designs and nicely decorated ETA movements.

  7. I think it's a great watch and classic but when it comes to watch, I always think of other brands first.