Any review of the epi Louise clutch ?

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  1. I don't know if any of you has the epi Louise clutch in one of the new pastel colors and would agree to do a review/mod shots ? Couldn't find any here or on youtube...
    The LV website doesn't even give a view of the inside :sad:
    Thanks !! :smile:
  2. I don't have it yet but I do love it and I'm going to look at it again next week. My sa sent me some pics of the inside image.jpg it has two cc slots a zip pocket and a front slip compartment. The inside is the microfiber, and leather. It's very pretty in person I just couldn't decide on the color when I was there
  3. Thank you so much it's lovely !!
    What colors make you hesitate ? Do you know what kind of wallet it can fit ?
  4. This is me trying on the louise few days ago. I am still thinking whether to get it or not. I am afraid of the lv big logo clip.. as in whether will it easily be broken. The interior is very nice. And the colors r nice too! Btw i am 5 feet 6 and the strap is just nice on me as u can see in my photo. I would like to know what other ppl think on the durability. Hope my picture helps. :smile:

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  5. i have been interested on this item too i just wish it was more of a shoulder bag not sure how long that strap is on me as im only 5" tall
  6. Hey no problem. I'm torn between the corail and the yellow. At first I thought the corail but when isaw the yellow in person it was beautiful. I actually asked my sa the same question and she said the zippy coin purse fits nice with room inside.
  7. Thank you for the pictures honeybees !! They really help :smile:
    Did you feel it was difficult to open/close ?
  8. The colors are pretty but I found that they ran a little too small for my taste. I have the Louise clutch and the Ana (clutch/crossbody/shoulder bag) and those styles have sooo much more space. I just couldn't convert to anything smaller.
  9. I saw it today. I love the Coraill color a lot. But I felt for the price and the fact that this small bag was a spring/summer bag only for me, I decided that I'd prefer something I'd carry more daily in the Spring and Summer, so I got the Neverfull MM in Coraill for just a little more $$.
  10. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396657162.137982.jpg
    Got this bag a few days ago. I love the baby pink color but have tons of bags in that color. This bag is def more spring/summer. I like the length of the strap and the interior.
  11. So cute on u! Congrats! May I ask how tall you are?
  12. I hope they do this bag in fall colors! I love the shape but can't swing the pastel colors!
  13. I'm 4'11
  14. The rose claire one is realllly cute ;)

  15. I tried the Ana and did not like the magnetic closure... I wonder how much the Louise clutch can actually hold ?