Any Retail Managers out there?

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  1. Hi,

    I'm living in Vancouver, BC right now. Recently I made a post saying that my current job although I love the people I work with, is definitely not paying enough. I live out here on my own and I go to school correspondence. So this gives me the chance to get into the field that I want to be in. However, I am getting my degree in commerce (Marketing), and i'm basically a manager for inside/outside sales. It's pretty dull (other than the fact that I LOVE my co-workers) and because I work at a non-profit, I do not get paid like a manager. I am only making about 16$/hr, considering i'm managing a team of 9-10.

    I currently work Monday's-Fridays 8.30-9.30. It is great because it's secure, but at the same time isn't because when I need to take exams I have to take days off.

    A few months ago, I was offered a position to be a manager of a retail store I use to work at. Because I just started this current position, I didn't want to leave after 2 weeks, so I declined. Now it's been 3 months, and they again have 'headhunted' me and asked if I would be interested in becoming a manager and that they would love to give me an interview. But I have never managed a retail store, however I worked as a key holder for them. All I did was open and close, inventory, and the day end books. The Manager position did not specify the salary but it has to be better than what I get paid right now (which would help me a lot with my rent and tuition costs). I've been mulling over it for the last few days. I know they like me because my numbers are good. And considering that a lot of my exams are during the day, this would definitely be a good idea to do. However, do I really want to be a manager of a Retail store right now? I always said that I would get out of retail because of the snooty customers and the crappy hours, but being a manager I have a little more say as to when I work and how I conduct the atmosphere. I know in the future i'd like to be the marketing manager or disctrict manager etc. I am just unsure as to whether I should take this plunge or not.

    If there are any Managers out there that can tell me their experiences and if they honestly love what they do? And if it would be a good idea for me to do this as i'm going to school? I do school 100% independently so if I work night shifts, I study during the day. I'm just not sure how it really is like to be a Manager.
  2. I managed a Bombay CO way back when in San Diego.
    If you already open/close the store, set the alarm, close out register, etc. . . you're already doing 90% of it.
    If you can spare the extra hours, you probably should as it will beef up your resume and you can make the schedule!:biggrin:
  3. I'm a manager at Macy's and I love my job. Yes, it does get frustrating when I have unreasonable/rude customers that I gotta deal with but working in a field where I always see new things makes it worth it for me. I also enjoy the company of my coworkers and love my staff.

    BTW, I've been in this position since January of 2005.