Any Results Reporting Fakes To Ebay?

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  1. This pertains to any reporting of fakes to ebay....

    I reported to this board the other day there was a fake Hermes scarf on ebay: 1 member called the scarf "laughable" and said she reported it. I checked ebay a few hours later and the scarf was no longer in auction. Well, was back again and had 1 bidder! Another member had also suggested that I start reporting fakes to ebay, so I thought, OK, I'll do my part.

    So, I reported the Hermes fake scarf mentioned above plus another obvious fake. Guess you can tell from this I was not in a super mood!!! Just hate fakes of any kind.

    Question: what results have you had reporting fakes to ebay? Do they actually do anything when you make the time and effort to report?
  2. I reported a few Louis Vuitton and I checked after and they were still there. I think they don't do anything, I'm not sure they don't but that's what I experienced. I still report when I find something outrageously fake. Never know one day it might help.
  3. I do report fakes, and eBay does take them down. I think they have to be reported numerous times before anything happens.
  4. I've had the same exerience as Lori. It seems like multiple people have to report a fake before eBay doesn anything about it.
  5. I've tried to no avail. :shrugs: That was a while a go though. Might have changed recently since their new policy against counterfeits.
  6. I've finally had some success with e-bay. After raising a complaint with them about a seller's fake goods (and I foolishly bought one of them!), e-bay were very slow to respond. But I took it further and the police responded brilliantly and the seller has now stopped trading. This is a real success and I don't think that we should ever hold back from reporting this sort of activity to the authorities. The seller, which I was involved with, had been getting away with illegal trading for months. It's really important that we don't just put our losses down to bad luck and we must be prepared to take it further. Let's keep the pressure on e-bay. We all want a safe place to trade.
  7. Very well said, and a great outcome too!

    I often send item numbers to Ebay and, most of the time, the auctions get pulled.

    Sometimes, a few slip through the net, but i do believe that Ebay are trying pretty hard.

    For example, the amount of fake Chloe paddingtons up for sale (Ebay UK) have dropped, on average, by at least half in the past couple of months.

    There's hundreds of thousands of auctions at any given moment, and even more emails to go through, so it must be a colossal job to undertake!:yes:
  8. Seems 1 Hermes scarf on Ebay that I reported as really fake got pulled (had 1 bidder at the time); the other fake that I reported sold and there were about 6 bidders. Just thought everybody who contributed to this thread would like the update.

    Feel kind of badly for the poor soul who bought the fake....but then again, perhaps they knew and didn't care just because they liked the scarf. Frankly, I thought it was ugly. Have 2 girlfriends who know they have bought fake LV bags....knew they were doing it....their husbands/guys don't know the difference. Makes me very upset, but at least they are not near my body!!!

    From what I've been reading on this forum, it seems Ebay does not yank an auction that's counterfeit unless there are multiple complaints. What do you think?