Any Requests? Nows your chance!

  1. Hi all!
    Im going first thing tomorrow morning to my outlet. If there is anything I can check for ya just let me know. I'll peek in before I leave, make a list and get back you all of you just as soon as I get home:tup:
    Sooooooo..........let the requests begin!:wlae:
  2. Can I ask what outlet are you going to? lol!
  3. Oh can you keep an eye out on what the new transfers are? Or is it primarily the same as what was there a few weeks ago?

    Also what kind of coin purses, phone lanyards, and keychains are at the outlets and in what price range?

    Thanks so much! I really appreciate it! :yes:

  4. I'd love to find out the general prices of accordion zip-around wallets and mini wallets. Thanks!
  5. I would love to know if they have the signature stripe in any color. I guess I miss the boat on the pink, vermillion, & black. The tote or sachel styles preferably. Thanks!
  6. Any medium Ergo leather hobos, any color, I love them!!!
  7. That is very sweet of you to offer!!! :yes:

  8. ya the transfers are the same. yesterday i was tasked to do transfers.. and i was disappointed. i can only take so much of those hampton weekend collection silky and log things.

  9. we have black sig accordians.. those run about 143.20. chelsea runs 119.

    mini wallets are 80 with the discount.
  10. Can you please tell me the price of any Ergo totes? THANK YOU!!!!!

  11. Can you see if they have Carly Signature Wristlets 40469- Khaki/Saddle or Khaki/Gold?

    And the price...

  12. FYI, everyone, asking ranskimmie to buy something for you at the outlet and then paying her for it later is no different than buying/selling on the forum, which is strictly prohibited. It creates a situation where product/money is being exchanged between members and that's what isn't allowed.

    Just thought I'd bring this to everyone's attention. I am not trying to be the board police or anything...
  13. ^I dont think she was plannin on buying stuff 4 peeps..I think she is just keepin an eye out for stuff they r lookin for and lettin them know if its there...KWIM?
  14. You are absolutely right! We do not permit these types of transactions. If Ranskimmie wants to post inventory in the shopping subforum, that is fine. But anything more than that is against PF rules. Thank you!
  15. Post #2 asks her to make a purchase in exchange for Paypal funds - that was my concern.