Any requests for info for the look book?

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  1. Since I am going to the store tomorrow, are there any requests for specific information? Price on a certain bag, size, etc.
  2. YES! How about the new damier sporty totes everyone is talking about!? I need to see this!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Could you please get me some info on the new Elastic Quilted Hobo Bag? I think it is called the Nimbus. Thank you! :flowers:

  5. Yes, I would love to have info on the new epi bags...pls...

    Thx. :love:
  6. Third on the Damier! Also on the MCs. Any chance you could get pics? :whistle:
  7. Aww that so sweet of you, Mary. I had my DH peek at the book and he pretty much vetoed everything, my SA laughed the whole time he was looking at it. Give my best to the staff, tell them I miss them even if it's just a day. LOL!
  8. New Azur & Denim pieces, please~ (if you can get photos, that will be super great)
    One more, does mono dentelle comes with the regular pochette (no gold chains) and speedy 25?
    Thank you so much!
  9. Oooo, how nice of you! If you could, I would love to know the dimensions of the new Mono Pleaty Shoulder bag. It looks kinda small but you can never tell from the pics. Thanks!
  10. how nice! but i dont have any requests.. :smile:
  11. Pick me up a little something while you're there? LOL
    You're such a sweetie, nothing I feel I deeply need to know :biggrin:
  12. yes, thanks...

    the mono totes- pics would be great, prices, dimensions, when its expected to be released.

    the epi in white- or off white, how much is the speedy 25 & 30, expected date to be released.

    your sweet for doing this......
  13. Hahaha! Me, too! :lol:
  14. You were just you pick up a little something for yourself?
  15. ^*Sniff* No. DH has put me on a ban. I dropped off my Suede Theda for cleaning.