Any reputated Louis Vuitton seller on Ebay???

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  1. Hi girls, i am looking for a LV belt M6888T but i am not sure which seller is reputated in selling LV. Can anyone out there help me???
  2. Hi,

    You can go to to see a list of their approved resellers on eBay. I usually buy from a mypoupette reseller but if I don't I've done the research ahead of time to tell an authentic from a fake.
  3. Second this. I keep a list in my eBay account if you want to PM me I can send you a few that I like. But it is probably best to authenticate the item as stated above. That way you are sure the item you are interested in is real.
  4. ITA, I wish I knew about this before I got burned on eBay. In fact, because I was scammed that is how I found out about TPF. At least one good thing cam out of my ebay/paypal nightmare. :smile: