Any Reporter Owners, Anyone?

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  1. I am so intrigued by this bag! I finally saw one in real life and it is TDF!!! I know I know this is old news, but humor me, I'm new to Chanel! To any owners of this bag, what size do you have how functional do you find it, is it awkward on the shoulder, any thoughts on the bag would be helpful! I have no Chanel Boutique close to me and NM doesn't open until September!
  2. I will be a Reporter owner soon! My bag was shipped today from NM - the medium size beige with black logo. I'll post pics and all the details when it arrives. I'm excited beyond excited - this was my dream bag for years and the sale could not be resisted!

    I purchased sight-unseen and only fell in love through photos. I am happy to read that you saw one IRL and loved it. That's the reaction I'm hoping for when it gets here. I ordered from NM Boston - they had 4 at 30% off when I preordered last Monday.
  3. I have this bag in both the 'regular' size and the mini.

    LOVE the bags! Very comfy on the shoulder, gorgeous and functional! :yes:

    I tend to carry a lot of stuff so use the larger ones more often, but find I can get all my stuff into the mini as well. I love all the pockets. You can carry lots without cluttering up the bag and they help keep you organized.

    It's one of my two all-time favorite bags. Love it! :heart:
  4. Does this bag come in medium and large or is there just one size that is medium? And the mini is much smaller? thanks!