Any remedy for acne scars???

  1. Hey, I sometimes get pimples and most of the times I pick them and they result in scars. And now, they look very ugly. Can anyone help me out in this. I have tried the whitening range of loreal, medications, etc but nothing seems to help. :sad:
  2. Try pure aspirin like 5 tablets crushed with water and put it on every other day for a week then cut down right before you shower scrub it on and then rinse it off at the end of your shower. That works great!! If you don't want to go that route Acne Free has this scar eraser duo set which works "ok" that I have but I think the aspirin thing works so much better and cheaper. I don't have alot of acne at all but just get occasional ones when its summer that I pop and get scars from.
  3. Real results can be achieved with lasers. There's the totally invasive laser that takes off the top layer of skin, allowing you to grow fresh skin underneath, thus diminishing scars-but it's $$ and there's like a two week down time. I have a friend who did it and she looks terrific now.

    There's the fraxel laser-you can read some other threads on this-I have done two treatments so far and it stimulates collagen growth and healthy cell production deep within the skin. My skin looks much better, although nothing too dramatic.

    Then there's the max7 laser-it addresses redness, capillaries, cell production, etc.

    Hope this helps!
  4. I do the same thing you do. My derma has me on Retin-A micro and also has me coming in for glycolic acid peels once a month to even out skin tone.
  5. Yes, I agree with you... But a new laser just came out is called profractional, has very little down time (just redness). You do need more than one. But the DR. will determine how many sections. Sometimes,Like in my case 2 will be sufficent.....It will leave you with perfect flawless skin...
  6. I am on my fourth treatment for Fraxel & have seen significant improvement. Creams wil not get rid of scars, you need to go a laser route.
  7. I've been using Shishiedo's blemish cream on the occasional pimples that I get from stress or time-of-the-month.
    My t-zone gets pretty bad. I should really go to a dermatologist, but my fingers get itchy and I pop it. (eww, gross I know!)

    But if it's deeper than that, I think the laser route as well.
  8. I love the aspirin masks!
    i use it to exfoliate and its wonderful.
    I have heard lemon juice, helps to fade them. But there are also some japanese cosmetics companies that make "whitening cream' you can try that.
    Kose,fancl, DHC and others.
    If they are deep scars you just may have to make a visit to the derm.
  9. For an instant quick-fix, I would recommend using a yellow concealer on your scars.
    'Physicians Formula' has great coloured concealers (about $12)

    Because scars are usually dark red/light purple, the yellow counteracts with this hue - cancelling both the yellow and the purple out.

    A cream-to-powder formula would be ideal because they are easily blended and last for ages.

    Then, simply apply your foundation over the top!
  10. a friend of mine has bad acne scars and I saw dramatic changes when she started using the natura bisse top 10 serum. It promotes skin growth. I think It's $135 but totally worth it as she still has some scars but they are not as prominent as they used to be.
  11. I had a mild chemical peel last summer to fade old acne marks. It worked beautifully. I looked like a tomato for 2 days buut most of the scars were gone when I healed. After the baby I'm going the Fraxel route. I have 2 on my left cheek that won't budge.
  12. I know a girl who swears by Bio Oil. I'm not sure if it's available where you are - I'm in Australia. She told me it heals scars up beautifully after a few weeks... it's available here at chemists (drug stores?) and supemarkets and is mainly used for surgical scars (stiches, cesaereans etc) or bad burns.
  13. yes, retin a micro helps those scars. it takes a while before you can see the result.
  14. 5 years ago w/o make up on, I look like I had been beaten with a bag of nickels. My acne scarring was really terrible. I did cool touch lasers 5 years ago and my skin looked beautiful. I didn't keep up though and now my skin is almost as bad as it was. I'm looking into lasers again. It worked before and I'm hoping these new lasers will be better.
  15. Hello,

    I am in Southern California (Los angeles) and am considering Cool Touch. I am curious as to how long your results lasted and the doctor you used. Thanks!