Any regular genuine sellers on ebay?

  1. Has anyone bought genuine designer shoes on eBay from a reputable seller that they would happily recommend? I keep looking at 'tipialex' but am frightened to take the plunge, as although the shoes are a good price it is still a lot to lose if you come unstuck.

    Any advice would be very much welcomed :confused1:
  2. i would love this info as well, particularly Louboutin sellers.
  3. for overpriced Louboutins


    I am sure there are more but these are the ones that usually have stock.

    and the best kept secret on eBay reginacloset where they sell Louboutins for retail or less! You can even contact the seller for different sizes and styles directly and they will post them for sale.
  4. I like these two as well!
    Overpriced but authentic.
  5. I've purchased from Be-Luxe before too. They were authentic and had no issues with the transaction.

  6. ^^ I agree as well. Another seller I have come across is Hunnell.
  7. I'll spill my secret: mushroom_city She is in hong kong so the shipping is a bit high, but they arrive practically overnight. I haven't ordered any of her Louboutins but I have bought heaps of Marni and am extremely satisfied. Yes, it is all authentic--I'm pretty sure she works in the garment industry there and this is her side project.
  8. Many, many thanks everybody, should keep me busy for a while....and skint :woohoo:
  9. These are great! Any more to recommend???
  10. manoloshoestore
  11. i have bought both from naturalgasgirl and beluxe and was happy with both!!
  12. I went and checked her out. I've seen several of her auctions on eBay, but never paid much attention that it was all the same seller. There are some damn good deals with her!

    I love dealing with reginaclose and be-luxe. :smile: Be-luxe occassionally has some really good deals, but mostly for Manolo Blahnik & Prada. They also take requests for styles/sizes!
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  14. I have bought from naturalgasgirl too and rjconnect sells authentic designer shoes.
  15. i've purchased items from clarsanna before. not the best prices, but authentic...