Any regular ebay sellers as a hobby?

  1. This is funny...Last week I needed a fix and wanted to go to an outlet that's about an hour in a half away. Just getting over a cold I didn't want to go alone and I didn't want my husband to know that I was going again so soon so I ask my Aunt & her daughter to go. Once there the coach outlet was calling me so I couldn't go to any other store ( I was just drawn to it) I went there first. Inside there were people all over the place. Thinking that it's just crazy to spend that kind of money on a handbag they (Aunt & Cousin) looked alittle then went and sat in the chairs that they had at the door. I was like a child in a candy store. I walked around three or four time to make sure that I didn't miss anything. I saw a women with around twenty bags on her arms (and adding) and her husband was just as interested picking up items as well. I knew she was not buying them all for herself so I figured she must be selling them because she had two of some of the same items. After a while the sales lady gave her a big brown bag that she dragged around the store until she got all she needed. As we past one another I tried to ask why she had so many bags but she didn't really respond. On our way home my aunt and her daughter told me that there was this women & man in the Coach outlet stealing:roflmfao: . I then explained what I thought they were doing....buying to resell.

    I was excited just seeing them pick up all those items.

    Is this one of your hobbies? What makes it worth it?
  2. My mom saw girls stealing scarves back during the summer. Of course she didn't tell me until we were on our way home. Not sure if that is what she saw (she has ealy Alzheimers and macular degeneration) but I thought they were stealing too. Told the mgr my next trip in.

    DH saw people trying to steal wallets. He was standing by the door while I was shopping. The would be thieves were trying to figure out if he was security. He didn't know Coach sold mens stuff otherwise he would have been looking at the wallets.

    I never saw shopping bags at Coach but I guess with XMas they need a way to let the shoppers shop without taking up counter space. Usually they just line my stuff up on the counter or on the floor behind the register area.
  3. Yes, I sell because it keeps me busy. I buy some full price items (which I do pay full price for - like the Legacy Wristlet), some items at PCE and some at outlets. I also sell used but have to get listing those. I took a break from used for the holidays.
  4. if I didn't work full-time I guess I would need something to keep me busy. I think it's a great way to stay busy and have lots of fun.
  5. I sell stuff on eBay all the time, but I don't usually buy things to sell. I've only sold one or two Coach bags that I found at a thrift store. Usually when I buy one, I can't bear to get rid of it.
  6. I have serious ADD issues with my bags. Thank goodness for eBay or I would be homeless. There were a few items I did pick up an extra one in, thinking I would give it to someone as a gift but will probably end up selling on eBay.
  7. I jst went to the outlet today. Sorry to jump in. I am a newbie. Joined tonight but saw your posting and thought it was funny because I was feeling the same need to get to Coach today.
  8. Welcome Lizziew....Glad you joined us.